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Vision & Values

It is our vision is to inspire young women to have the confidence to embrace who they are and educate people regarding ethical fashion practices.

Our aim is to continue to make choices we are proud of and with our partners create products that instil better work and industries practices, to help protect our future generation. 

Our vision is two fold, firstly to a create a swimwear label that helps young girls feel beautiful, empowered and embrace their differences. Young women need to truly love themselves and feel the empowerment of being a woman.

Secondly we want our label to demonstrate how the fashion industry can make ethical choices and support fashion practices that innovate and continue to create awareness of our environmental impact. We believe in the cause for cleaner oceans and waterways for our future.


We value the importance of:

Quality – our materials and products are of high quality

Responsibility – to ourselves and our planet to make choices that contribute to better ways of doing things and reducing waste

Empowerment – that all women should be empowered love who we are

Imperfections – our imperfections are what makes us unique and we should embrace these.

Hamec Spirit designs are about empowering and embracing your body to exude everyone’s confidence from within. In this ever changing world where the power of social media impacts how we perceive others and ourselves, we wanted to create a brand that embraces each person on an individual basis no matter what their shape and size is. Our designs are made to fit the ever changing body so you can feel strong and confident.

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