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Life of Hamec


Born out of our desire to ensure the future generation learn to love and believe in themselves


Hamec Spirit designs are about empowering and embracing your body to exude everyones confidence from within. In this ever changing world where the power of social media impacts how we perceive others and ourselves, we wanted to create a brand that embraces each person on an individual basis no matter what their shape and size.

Our designs are made to fit the ever changing body so you can feel strong and confident.

The Hamec Spirit range represents Endless Freedom through its designs and fabrics to ensure confidence, empowerment, comfort and style. Creating a purposeful product that is age appropriate both in comfort and style we encourage people to embrace wearing our products in different ways.

Our products are aimed at mixing, matching and reversing, allowing the user to repeatedly wear pieces while constantly changing their look. Hamec Spirit is about Endless Freedom and embracing your life.



The Team behind Hamec Spirit

Hamec Spirit is the collaboration of two sisters. The design of the Hamec Spirit collection is fresh and exciting. The fabrics, prints and details all combined are appropriately styled for 13+ giving them a feeling of empowerment and confidence as well as comfort.

The name consists of the combination of the first letter of our children's names (HAMEC) and Spirit is the expressive life of innocence and playfulness which we see in our children every day…. Freedom is Endless!!

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